Friday, November 26, 2010

[TechRepublic] Google exec: 60% of businesses could dump Windows for Chrome OS

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TechRepublic Sanity Check

TechRepublic Member | November 26, 2010

Editor's note: Google's Chrome OS, which has been rumored to be doing everything from merging with Android to folding altogether, is apparently back on and now aiming at the enterprise. Also, see TechRepublic's list of the 10 best geek gifts of 2010! -Jason

Google exec: 60% of businesses could dump Windows for Chrome OS

Google continues to send mixed messages about Chrome OS. The latest comes from a Google exec who says Chrome OS could be an enterprise replacement for Windows. Read more

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Gifts That Keep On Giving: Offbeat Gadgets, Toys and Tech

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Another day, another green IT leaders list. This time, IBM is on top.

For the most part, the companies that many of us consider green IT leaders are still focused on the rather narrow goal of better energy efficiency and improved lifecycle management strategies for their products rather than any revelatory strategies that more explicitly position their technology as a way of helping... Read more

Black Friday in the online world

About midnight last night, the deluge of commercial come-ons, product pitches, and obvious attempts to collect personal information started filling up my junk mail folder. A few of these pitches came from trusted sources and so ended up in my inbox. I guess this approach works enough of the time... Read more

Opera report: 10 mobile web facts about the Generation Y

10 mobile web facts about the Generation Y, according to Opera in a new study, show some salient facts but also some interesting, unexpected ones too. Read more

Surface computers linked via internet allow for new 'mixed-presence' collaboration

Researchers at Purdue and the University of Manitoba have developed software that enables users to use tabletop-sized touch displays interactively over the Internet. Read more

Rumor: iOS 4.3 to arrive in mid-December

While iOS 4.2 was just released on Monday, version 4.3 may be right around the corner. MacStories reports that an iOS update will be needed to support iTunes' new recurring subscriptions. Read more

Apple TV's AirPlay video--not quite fully baked

AirPlay video has finally arrived. It allows you to stream video from your iOS device to your Apple TV, but isn't fully integrated with all of the iOS apps yet. Read more

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Top tech turkeys of 2010 (photos)

CNET editors offer their unscientific list of the biggest mistakes and bad ideas of the last year, from the Kin to Mark Hurd to several flaps involving the iPhone.

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